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Hi, I’m Gianetta Baril. My life has been devoted to making music and sharing it’s transformative power around the world. In response to the pandemic, I turned a van into a self-contained rolling home/concert hall and with my harp, Amadei and cat, Misty, took the comfort of live harp music on the road — stopping wherever people were in need of hope and inspiration. 

Since setting out in April, I’ve put 16000 kms on the new Ford Transit van “Mary”, playing dozens of covid-safe events at seniors residences, hospitals, schools, in parks and beside private homes. The response has been full of beauty and magic. One young girl said “The music made my heart feel like I can do anything.”

If you would enjoy some consolation and beauty, please contact me to see how we can organize a covid-safe event in your community. Rest assured that all events are held in accordance with covid restrictions in place at the time.

For me, this trip is about reaching out to forge relationships and creating space that can open up for deep connection, creativity and courage in others.

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It all started as an idea sparked by the pandemic. Between the suffering and struggle, I saw an opportunity to bring people together and ignite special moments with music. So for the next couple of years, I am travelling across the country—and eventually across the continent—with my harp, Amadei. Follow our journey on the map to see where we’ve been and what’s “planned” next – keeping in mind that all pandemic plans are written with a small p in pencil. My blog and detailed events calendar can be found at forloveofharp.com and there are more photos and stories on Facebook and Instagram. By the way, if you spot my van anywhere, please take a photo (when safe to do so!) and tag me. Let’s connect to share some joy together on this wonderful journey called life.

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Please join me in bringing the power of Live music to those in need of comfort and consolation during this challenging time. For the upcoming Harp to Heart journey across Canada, I am looking for support to help cover my costs. Donations of any amount are appreciated and can be made through the Donate button below. Sponsorships are also gratefully welcomed. Please contact me if you feel called to be part of this journey.
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